Three Still Lifes

I’ve been experimenting with monoprinting using watercolour/gouache. Gouache being meatier and somewhat cheaper. The image below was done from part of a photo, taking elements and rearranging them. Something about printmaking gives permission for this literalist to be a bit less literal. The flower in the photo was a nasturtium, but looked more like a hippeastrum in the print so went with it. Gum Arabic or some Ecover ( less chemical than Fairy)washing up liquid is added to the paint, just a few drops, which helps it adhere to the sheet of glass/acrylic, and slows down the drying time. Then you add water till it’s the right consistency and proceed to paint your image on the glass. Even with the gum arabic it dries rapidly compared to printing ink, so sometimes I spray the image before applying the paper, sometimes I’ll soak the paper (and blot it) before applying, the end result different with each technique. I’ve been using Fabriano Rosamunda, off white or cream, and rubbing over the back with either a hand or a soft cloth. 

After taking a first pull you can re paint your image and do another print from it, the results are very different, the second painting faster, the painting therefore wetter and the print usually richer with less ‘broken’ areas. This print has then been painted back into, defining the lemon, the jug handle, and the centre of the flowers.

Still Life
Nasturtium with Plums

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