#5MinuteWatercolour Demonstration Pomegranate. Raw sienna, burnt umber, perylene red(PR178), alizarin crimson permanent. Painted with a half inch flat and a Prolene sword brush for the fine details on the seeds and the stamens

2 thoughts on “Pomegranate

  1. Is it bleach in the squirty bottle by any chance, or another medium other that plain water? I find it hard to get watercolour to bleed is the exquisite ways you do!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kenda yes it’s just water! I think using watercolour this wet is mostly about timing the addition of more (wet) pigment and/or water. If you want to create cauliflowers add wet pigment/water when it’s no longer sopping wet but still has a damp sheen. And mix up good rich puddles of paint in the palette which you keep ‘dropping’ into the areas you want to be more saturated

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