Mud & Hogweed

The subject of this and the next blog is a couple of sketches based on the same photo ( below), each one approached slightly differently.


This first one is done very rapidly on a stretched Daler Rowney Langton watercolour block using a thin wash of yellow ochre, raw sienna and a little gold-green for the background. I’m using a very watered down wash and then adding both more (very liquid) paint and more water from a dropper bottle. This adds textures (otherwise known as cauliflowers), it is also allowing paint to granulate in the rough texture of the paper,  and creates a varied tone as it’s dries.


Once the surface has dried to a damp stage I’ve started to draw in the stalks, with both acrylic ink (which like to explode into the surrounding watercolour, if it’s still damp), and with a drawing pen and ink (I use Herbin inks, they have some lovely subtle colours and a good variety of browns). This is done pretty rapidly and these lines come out as some crisp and some fuzzy, depending on the varying dryness/dampness of the area of paper they are drawn on or over.


Mud and Hogweed

5 thoughts on “Mud & Hogweed

  1. Hi Kate,

    Hope you are back to feeling well ..and no doubt finding lots to do at this curious time!

    It was such a lovely surprise to get your email / blog this morning and to enjoy your demonstration using paint and inks! I’ve always liked this combination and look forward to your next one!
    It has inspired me to fight time …and get going with painting again!!

    I thought I would be using most of my lockdown time doing lots of painting…but apart from doing a watercolour “Diary” of the Coronavirus sequence of events… I seem to be spending most of my time cycling off to the sanctuary of the Allotment…which has thankfully been allowed from the beginning!!
    Needless to say the plots have never looked so good as this year!! I’m sure yours is the same!

    It is so hard to believe the enormity of this great tragedy …and I do feel for the all the people involved in the daily decision making…
    I guess things will never be quite the same again …but hopefully a lot of good will come out of it too.

    Take care meantime


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    • Hi Rosie nice to hear from you! Yes it’s strange times and I feel pretty privileged to have a garden and allotment to feed the soul, while it’s very tough for too many people. The watercolour diary sounds interesting? I know some artists who’ve had a creative explosion and others who are taking a break to recharge, it clearly takes people in different ways! I’m enjoying getting back in the saddle, and hopefully can keep it going. Delighted you feel inspired! Take care love Kate x

  2. I’ve been wanting to loosen up my work for ages, so this has totally inspired me – as usual with your art, I’m in awe. Interesting use of the precision tipped squeeze bottle applicator. Also really enjoyed all the bird song.

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