Kate Osborne: Chicken and Egg

Friend Ron has been coming up trumps! One of his blog posts about the new Chicken and Egg book, produced by Ivy Press, a local publisher who always do classy book production. It was a delight to work on, and inevitably felt better acquainted with the various breeds by the end of it, as the writers really know their stuff. Please rush out instantly and buy for all those chicken fans you know ( no, I’m not working on commission!)link to my website

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Kate Osborne: Chicken and EggKate Osborne: Chicken and Egg

Roosters Collection: By Kate Osborne
“Kate Osborne.

blog: https://kateosborne.wordpress.com/


I studied textile design at Northbrook College in Worthing from 1972 to
1976 and, following this, worked for two London textile studios as a floral designer. In 1979 I went to live in Los Angeles where I freelanced, doing production ready artwork for various manufacturers.

I then spent a year in New Mexico, living in a shack in an old coal mining town, painting wildlife and botanical subjects, and selling through a gallery in Santa Fe.

I returned home in 1984, and began doing illustration for books,
magazines and advertising, as well as textile design. Clients have
included Sainsbury’s, London Transport and Quarto Press.

Since then I have returned to painting and have been exhibiting in our
open house during Brighton’s Arts Festival; with Nick Bowlby at the 20/21
art fair and the Affordable…

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