Garden Bird Watch

Here’s a few sketchbook birds in celebration of Big Garden Bird Watch weekend. Using black Quink, Watermans sepia, India Ink, and J. Herbin gris nuage ink, (just because I have some from a lovely local supplier, Pen to Paper and it comes in irrestible bottles) though watered down Quink would work as well for the paler areas; the white touches done with a white Posca pen and white gouache. The Quink ink is not permanent so best reserved for your sketchbook or experimental pieces; it has a wonderful habit of appearing to be black, but it thins out into a halo of brown. I’m using a couple of Chinese brushes and two nib pens, one broad, one fine, and going straight in with the ink, no pencil drawing once I’m familiar with the subject matter, it helps keep the work gestural, and looking more spontaneous; the temptation, if you start with too much of a drawing, is to ‘fill in’.

If you’re interested in the event (which is a great excuse to sit in a chair and relax for an hour!) follow this link Birdwatch


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