Ink & Quink

More pen & ink studies

a few more quink and ink (including Indian ink and Waterman brown ink) sketchbook studies of jackdaws, a rook, and parent and chick starlings. The one below started as a monoprint; the way to get thin ink to ‘stay put’ (to a degree at least) on a sheet of acrylic is to sandpaper the surface first. The paper is rough Saunders Waterford so the print image came out fairly broken up, and you can see the rough texture of it through the subsequent painted layer, which I applied right over the printed area, lastly adding the beaks. Worth trying this technique on smoother paper perhaps? The jackdaws have a little green and blue watercolour in them





8 thoughts on “Ink & Quink

      • Thank you very much Kate! That is wonderful, I’m glad that you’re enjoying this. 🙂 Every visual arts instructor provides a unique little bit of their personality into the lessons and workshops… it is interesting, entertaining and we learn!

  1. Kate,since I have found you on Facebook ,can’t tell you how much I love your watercolor work. The way you use your brush is wonderful and wish I lived around the corner so ai would beagle to take your classes. Since I live in the States I’ll just have to come and enjoy your beautiful work and videos that you have. I’m teaching myself watercolor and I’m wondering what brush are you using it looks to me like a dagger,can you please give me the name ect and where to buy. Thank you so much happy holidays,
    Linda can you think about having an on line class?😇

    • HI Linda and thanks for those lovely comments. We call it a sword brush here, its made by Prolene, and i prefer it to a rigger which has similarities because it gives a lovely responsive drawn mark. I would love to do online classes and will be looking into it next year!Watch this space
      all the best

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