5minutewatercolour green chilli

Quick time lapse film of a green chilli, using cobalt teal (PG50) cobalt blue (PB28) and transparent yellow (PY150). Mixed very wet but with plenty of pigment, the shape is painted and then more of the richly mixed puddle of paint is dropped in by touching the loaded brush to the surface, and water from a dropper bottle is added to create lighter areas. The craft dryer allows me to speed the process but also to blow paint away from or into areas that need more/less tone. This specialist dryer blows very gently and very hot (beware of using an ordinary hairdryer on full speed, it will blast your paint in all directions!) As the painting dries to a sheen the added pigment/water spreads in a more controlled way, creating some of those lovely textures, ‘cauliflowers’ etc. The chilli is painted in one of those seductive concertina sketchbooks; this one of watercolour paper from Cass Art

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