More inspiration from John Piper; three Ugandan women as a triptych using first watercolour then over printing using a piece of cheap acetate. The photo is one of a friend and relative’s, Iain Patten, who travels regularly to Uganda on behalf of FOAG, a wonderful charity funding some great projects (more here)

I’m using cobalt teal, cobalt green, ultramarine blue, hansa yellow, burnt sienna, raw umber, white nights green and DVP permanent magenta which is a gorgeous colour, slightly less in your face and staining than other magentas (PV19 or PV122) due to the addition of ultramarine (PV29). Of course, I could mix it myself, but despite efforts to be more purist I slide back into lazy painter mode (hoorah!) I’ll be doing more of this subject and if you are interested in buying please go to the originals page of my website where you can purchase via PayPal. 50% of any  proceeds from the Uganda paintings will go to FOAG

if you want to see more of these timelapse videos I do post more regularly on Instagram



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